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The Criteria for a Good Objectives Management System

Below is what many Business Owners and Managers aim for.

You might like to print off this list and mark any of the dot points that are important to you.

Also if you think of any that are not on the list add them (and also let us know so that we can add them for the benefit of others).

  • Ensures that when business and individual objectives are developed that they are SMART (see more)
  • Objectives are easily cascaded from Management down
  • Each individual is clear on their objectives on an ongoing basis
  • It is easy at any given moment to get a whole of business picture of the business objectives
  • By being kept informed, stakeholders come up with new ideas and initiatives
  • Stakeholders are given a say in their objectives
  • Appraisals are done on an ongoing basis (at least weekly) so everyone knows how they are tracking and corrections can be made soonest
  • 6 or 12 monthly appraisals are made very easy and accurate because all the evidence is documented as to how they have performed
  • Provides a guide for development (and storage) of Job Descriptions
  • Tracks achievements so as to increase motivation
  • Provides the forms necessary to do Performance Reviews or Appraisals

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