The Test for Determining Wether an Objective is a Highest Level Organisational Objective

Whats the test for determining whether a goal or objective is one of your highest level goals or objectives?

Its simple.

Use the following 2 tests.

Test 1 – 8 Maximum

You should have no more than 8 Highest Level Goals and probably less.

If you have more than 4, be on high alert that some may not be ‘highest level’. To whit, keep reading.

Test 2 – Ask ‘Why’

Take each goal and ask “why do we want to have this goal”.

If your answer is one of the following, then you know its a highest level goal:

  • “Because we just want to”
  • “Its self explanatory”
  • “Its just the right thing to do”

If your answer refers to some other goal, then you know that the goal in question is not a highest level goal

example 1:

One of your goals is “By end Sept 13, we have 3 new clients.”

You ask ‘why’ and answer ‘because we want to reach our profit targets for the rest of the year’

Then you know that the goal of ‘3 new clients’ is NOT a Highest Level Goal.

example 2:

You have a goal of ‘meeting the promises we make to our employees’. You ask why and say “Its just the right thing to do”.

Then you know that its a Highest Level Goal

Note that the same goal could be treated differently by different businesses.

In the above example 2, another business might have answered the question ‘why’ with something like “So that we keep our people loyal and can make more money”. In that case the goal of ‘meeting the promises to employees’ is no longer a Highest Level Goal


Nothing is more important to a business than getting clear on the reason it exists (Why) and it Highest Level Objectives.

So take your time on this. It will pay off in spades.

If you are unsure, just Ask Us a Question