Where to Start with Your Highest Level Organisational Objectives?

In case it helps with your own Org Objectives, we have recently reviewed the Objectives for our Australian Based small business and come up with the following 4. (Note that actual figures have been deleted for confidentiality.)

  1. Profit Per Budget – For each month, we have met our Net Profit goals as outlined in our Best Case/Shooting for the Stars Budget. (This includes Aug $X and Sept $Y)
  2. More Sustainable – For the month of Dec 13, A% of our revenue comes from either multiple sales (eg upsell) or recurring sales (eg BNR renewals, bookkeeping). This equates to $Z.
  3. Internal People – By the 4th of each month, we have clarified and exceeded our promises to our internal stakeholders (staff, contractors, investors)
  4. External People – By the 4th of each month, we have clarified and exceeded our promises to our External stakeholders (clients)

In our experience in advising other businesses, we have rarely seen more than 6 or 8 highest level goals – and its rarely necessary to have more than 4 or 5.

In case it helps any, our recent thinking included:

  1. We previously spoke about ‘delighting’ our customers. However we have come to realise that we can’t guarantee how our customers will react – and in fact we can be assured that some customers will never be happy irrespective of what we do. Therefore our focus should be on meeting or exceeding our promises, rather than how stakeholders are feeling.
  2. The then objectives 5 & 6 related to CSR and the environment. Although we intend to come back to these, truth was that we didn’t have time or resources at the moment to address them so we have dropped them for the next 6 months at least.

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